Past Labs Review

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Do You Need a Second (or First) Opinion on Your Past Lab Results?

We are now offering a half-hour lab review with Bridgit as an a la carte service, analyzing lab results you have previously received. You can get a fresh look at your results and have them professionally analyzed all for a great price! 

What Does the Past Lab Review Package Include?

  • the opportunity to upload up to four results documents from past labs
  • a half-hour test analysis with Bridgit
  • supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your test results

Who Is This For?

This opportunity is for anyone who would like another opinion on their lab results. We will provide advice and suggestions for moving forward. Please note that getting supplements to other countries can be more challenging, but for many countries it's not impossible.

What Is the Timeframe?

Please use this session within 1 year of purchase. 


How Many Labs Can I Upload?

You may provide up to 4 past labs. You will need have them in electronic form to upload for us to view. If you currently have paper copies from your doctor, you will need to scan them into your computer to upload them. (If you need help with uploading, please let us know.)

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