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MegaSporeBiotic is the first all-spore, pharmaceutical grade probiotic that survives the gastric environment naturally. It is a foundational nutritional food that provides true probiotic benefits.

MegaSporeBioticTM introduces HU36TM, the first commercially available carotenoid rich probiotic. This strain naturally produces forms of lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein in your digestive tract right at the site of absorption. This makes them the most bioavailable antioxidants known to science.

To learn more, read the patient handout here and check out the dosing guidelines here.

Why I Love MegaSpore: from Bridgit

“Megaspore is the darling of the functional medicine community for good reason; our clients get results from it. The unique spore-based design and strains starve unfriendly bacteria and help germinate over 80 species of friendly bacteria. Can you probiotic do that?? Start slowly and you may want to work up to 4 capsules a day as needed to restore a healthy gut.”

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MegaSpore Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients: Proprietary Probiotic Blend (4 billion spore cells)

Bacillus Licheniformis
+ Produces proteases needed for protein digestion

 + Produces full spectrum of B vitamins

The recommended maintenance dose is 2 capsules a day.  These can be taken both at once, or one taken with lunch, and one with dinner.  Once you have stabilized your gut, you could possibly take even less, like take 2 pills 3 times a week.

It's best to take with meals containing protein. Taking Megaspore with meals can help support digestion. However you can take all your daily dose at one meal, and it seems to pack more punch for healing. It's up to you.

However, when you first take it, start with 1 capsule (or 1/2 capsule if you are sensitive) and watch for reactions. Skip a day. If you have no adverse reactions, then you can move to 2/day (or 1/day next if you are proceeding slowly).

If you are recovering from antibiotic use, a leaky gut, etc, you may need to take more MegaSpore for a while, like 4-6 weeks.

If you're taking antibiotics, take at least 4 hours away from your antibiotic dose.

Die-off symptoms are possible, i.e. bloating and loose stool. This has never happened for me. But if you have an abundance of unhealthy bacteria in your gut, you could get symptoms as these bacteria 'die off.' (If you experience die off reactions, I recommend you go slower and find a good binder such as this one to help clear toxins.)

MegaSpore Storage

Traveling with MegaSporeBioticTM is convenient, uncomplicated, and practical because it does not require refrigeration. MegaSporeBioticTM survives and arrives at the site of colonization alive, so it can perform its probiotic function!

MegaSpore FAQ

1. What if I have Candida, SIBO, or other gut infections? Will this help?

Yes! Please check out my interview with Kiran Krashnin (the creator of MegaSpore) as he dishes out specific protocols for various digestive issues. Watch the video here!

2.  Can kids take MegaSpore?

Yes, kids can take MegaSpore, at a dose smaller than for adults.  If you have an infant or child under 25 pounds, I would just use a small sprinkle on food or on your finger (for a baby).  You can also mix it into breast milk or formula.  I would use it with a small child primarily to recover from antibiotic usage, or to avoid antibiotic usage.  

Some children, especially if born via C section, may not be developing their gut microbiome properly, and the MegaSpore could help. You might see this manifest in irregular bowel patterns or food sensitivities. We have a nice podcast on infant health with Dr. Laura Brayton here.

Please discuss any probiotic therapy with your holistic or functional pediatrician.  If your child is under 50 pounds, I would suggest 1/2 pill.  If your child is over 50 pounds, then 1 pill.  As we learned in the above questions, there could be times that a higher dose is appropriate for an older child.

3.  Can I take MegaSpore while pregnant or breastfeeding?

You can absolutely take while pregnant or breastfeeding, and it's a great idea!

4.  Can I take MegaSpore while I'm on antibiotics?

Yes, it's a good idea to take while on antibiotics, but you can't take them at the same time (or it won't do any good). You can take 4 hours away from your antibiotic dose.

5. How do you ship MegaSpore in hot weather? Do you use ice packs?

Since this probiotic is made up of spores, it does not get damaged by heat, so refrigeration or ice packs are not necessary. Probiotics that require refrigeration do not survive to the large intestine, but MegaSpore will survive to the large intestine and activate there. 


*Always ask your physician before starting this or any supplement protocol. The information on this page does not serve as medical advice.

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  • 5
    Great probiotic

    Posted by Elaine on Aug 24th 2019

    I started taking this probiotic a few months ago and there is a noticeable difference in my gut. My issues are nearly gone.

  • 5

    Posted by don on Jul 5th 2019

    Highly recommend this product, it was very helpful for me!!

  • 5

    Posted by Vickie Wangberg on Jun 14th 2019

    This stuff works great-one of the best probiotics, and you don't have to refrigerate it.

  • 5

    Posted by Jen on May 22nd 2019

    I've tried many different probiotics, and this is truly the most effective one I've ever taken. I've only been taking it for a week and a half and my digestion is already improving, I'm much less bloated, I have more energy, and I all around feel better. I'm taking it to help with candida and SIBO and so far it's working wonderfully. I highly recommend it!