Making Super Sperm: Overcome Male Factor Infertility, Prevent Miscarriage and Make Super Healthy Babies, Naturally

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 Male Factor Infertility is playing a part in 30-60% of each case of infertility or miscarriage. Sperm health is also critical for your baby's best odds in life- preventing disease and developmental delay.

Improving sperm quality is actually quite simple and straightforward.

Author Bridgit Danner, licensed acupuncturist and fertility coach, explains:

  • Why Sperm Matters
  • How to Test Sperm Health
  • The Best Standards to Consider When Reviewing Test Results
  • The Most Important Lifestyle Habits for Healthy Sperm
  • The Most Important Nutrients for Healthy Sperm
  • The Most Important Foods to Eat for Healthy Sperm

This information is hard-to-find, whether at your allopathic or alternative health care provider. Making this small investment in changes in your male partner's diet and lifestyle can make the difference between the pain of not getting pregnant (or staying pregnant) and the joy of parenthood. Make Super Sperm!


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