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Are You Suffering from Toxic Mold?

Test yourself for mold toxicity with this easy, at-home dust test. It uses sensitive molecular detection technology to look for the presence of 10 of the most toxigenic molds, as well as 15 of the most poisonous Mycotoxins using its patented Mycotoxin detection test.

From Bridgit: "This test is an updated version of what I ran in my own home after a mold inspector and found toxic spores. This updated EMMA test includes mycotoxins Testing (what makes you sick) and testing for toxic mold spores. Get a baseline on these levels now and track your progress later!"

To access Bridgit's in-depth discussion of the types of mold testing, please click here.

Who Is This For?

This package is for anyone who suspects mold in their home. 

Location Restrictions

International orders: Unfortunately we are able to ship this test to certain countries. If you want to ship outside of the US, please fill out this form here and do NOT purchase through this page.

What Does the Mold Testing Package Include?

  • A home mold test--the EMMA, including testing for 10 mold species and 15 mycotoxins
  • Full access to Bridgit's Mold Week, containing expert interviews to educate you on all the options with mold

  • Access to our private client library with resources on DIY Detox, Home Remediation and MARCoNS nasal infections

  • A 30-minute test analysis consult with one of our functional health and mold experts (Read coach bios HERE and HERE.)

What Are the Specific Testing Instructions?

Using a swab, you will collect samples from any obvious mold or suspected moldy locations. If you are unsure where the mold is, you can also collect samples from air conditioner filters, vents, or any dusty place that is not cleaned often.

What Is the Timeframe?

Once all your test results have been returned to us, we will contact you to make an appointment. It's usually about 2-3 weeks from when the lab receives the test that we get the results.

What Other Mold Testing Do You Recommend?

1. Our Ultimate Mold Package includes the home test above plus 3-5 additional test for your body. (link)

2. If the Ultimate Mold Package is too much to take on right now, we also offer the stand-alone Mycotoxin urine test. Learn more here.

Do You Take Insurance? 

We are health coaches and cannot bill insurance or provide you with specific receipts or paperwork to submit to your insurance. (We do provide a receipt, but it may not be accepted by insurance.) However, if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) credit card, you may be able to purchase this service on that card if coaching and testing are allowed. If you have trouble getting your HSA card to work on our site, we can send a PayPal bill instead. 

Can We Review Other Lab Results at the Same Time?

We do not review any past labs unless you have purchased the same lab from Hormone Detox Shop in the past (i.e., it's a retest). If you would like us to review other labs, we are happy to do that. That is included in a Past Labs Review, and you have the choice to review 1-3 or 4-6 labs. Please make that purchase at the link above, and you will receive an email letting you know how to upload those documents and schedule that appointment. 

If you are not interested in that option but want to see how these new results compare to results from a past lab with another practitioner, that will be easy to do if it's the same lab testing company. You will easily be able to compare a past DUTCH with a new DUTCH, for example, to see what's changed. Your Hormone Detox coach will interpret your current results and give you a plan that fits your current situation. You are welcome to verbally share with your coach, "my cortisol has come way down since my last test," but ultimately it doesn't affect your current plan.

Have More Questions?

*Always ask your physician before undertaking this or any functional testing or protocol. The information on this page does not serve as medical advice.

Frequently Bought Together

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