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Want to get rid of the everyday toxins that are wreaking havoc with your hormones – creating bloating, fatigue, and weight gain?

Detox Your Hormones is a 5-week, step-by-step guide to removing everyday toxins from your life. 

This is not just another juice cleanse. It's guided program to identify and clear toxins from your life, so you can start feeling ALIVE again.

The Toxic Problem

You may be doing everything you can to be healthy and feel well, but if you’re swimming in a soup of toxins, your hormones and body systems won’t be able to work correctly.  

Toxins (more accurately called toxicants) are man-made products that can cause systemic or organ-specific harm to humans.  

A range of these chemical compounds are used to soften plastic, make shampoo smell nice, make food last longer, ‘freshen’ the air, clean fabric, and more.  

This means you’re exposed to chemicals all day long.

They’re in your cup of coffee, your bath water, your indoor air, your outdoor air, your furniture, your dry cleaning, your food – and the list goes on.  

These chemicals can confuse your hormonal signaling, create inflammation, expand your fat cells, and block your body’s cellular energy production – leading to a whole host of problems.  

While none of us can reduce our exposure to these chemicals down to zero (because we have to live and breathe in this wonderful world), reducing your toxic load is the most important step you can take to detoxify your body and support your endocrine system to function at its best.  

Bridgit's Notes: What You Will Learn in This Course

Lesson 1: Detox Your Home

In this lesson, I’ll explain why your home is the number one place to clean – but not with harsh chemicals, because that will only make things worse!  

You’ll also get a simple, non-toxic home checklist to work through and track your progress.  

I’ll walk you though:  

  • The brands I choose and trust to avoid toxins
  • We’ll cover solutions for mold, water quality, and air quality 
  • We’ll clear out the toxins lurking in your kitchen pantry, medicine cupboard, and under the sink... 
  • I’ll answer your questions – live – about the issues you’re having with your home so you can start taking action straight away.  

Lesson 2: Nutrition to Support Detox

Let’s get real about food and the ways you can use it to support your hormone production and detoxification pathways.  

I’ll give you some practical and detailed (but not overwhelming) tips in this lesson.  

We’ll talk:  

  • What diet fads are worth it - and which to skip - to support your hormones
  • The vitamins and minerals you need from your food that will support your body's detoxifcation pathways
  • Superfoods that make it easy to clear toxins and spent hormones so you can get your body back into balance more quickly.  

Lesson 3: Daily Detox Techniques

This is where detoxing gets fun. Yes, you read that right! Some detoxing activities will be the highlight of your day...  

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to set-up daily detoxification activities as a part of your self-care routine.  

We’ll dive into:  

  • Easy ways to detox each day, without it feeling like a chore 
  • We’ll talk through techniques like dry brushing, saunas, ionic foot baths, exercise, journaling, meditation, getting into nature, socializing, and ways to create a healing environment
  • I'll advise you on products that are good investment vs. a waste of money for detox

Lesson 4: Supplements for Targeted Detox

Struggling to understand the benefits of all your supplements? This lesson will go into detail on how specific supplements support your liver, gut, brain, and endocrine system.  

We’ll get down to the nitty-gritty on:  

  • How simple things like B vitamins, fats, and magnesium make a big difference for detoxification and hormone balance
  • How two key detox supplements - glutathione and binders - can be the basis of a detox supplement regime
  • How clearing viruses and gut bugs is essential to your recovery, and how you can do it with herbal supplements instead of harsh antibiotics.

Lesson 5: Essential Oils for Hormones and Detox

Now that we’re really kicking the toxins out of your body, this lesson will explore how to use essential oils to support your hormones, especially during perimenopause and menopause.  

Best-selling author Dr. Mariza Snyder will join us for this lesson, to explain how essential oils could be a game changer for you in rebooting your hormone health and keeping those toxins away for good.  

We'll talk about:  

  • How to use essential oils to avoid toxic cleaning and beauty products that are messing with your hormones
  • How to use essential oils to balance your hormones at any age, to improve your mood and energy, while reducing hot flashes and/or PMS
  • How essential oils can curb cravings and help you lose weight  

You’ll also get Dr. Mariza’s Hormone Rescue Protocol (valued at $47) with a 7-day meal plan to support you to reset your hormones, nourish your cells, and help with energy and weight loss. Amazing value!

Bonus Lesson: Tips for Customized Functional Lab Testing

I can't wait to see you inside the course!

Frequently Bought Together

Please choose options for all selected products